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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Inspection

SECURITY AND LOCKS > Rear Gate Latch and Actuator Assembly



Check if the latch operates normally.

If latch deformation, abnormal wear, or unsmooth lock operation is observed, replace the latch and actuator - rear gate.


Preparation tool:

Circuit tester

1. Check door lock operation

Check the door lock operation when battery voltage is applied between the terminals of actuator.

Terminal No.

Inspection conditions


1 (+) — 2 (−)

Connect battery to the terminals


2. Check switch

Check the resistance between actuator terminals.

Terminal No.

Inspection conditions


3 — 4


Less than 1.5 ?


1 M? or more

3. If it does not operate properly as a result of inspection, replace the latch and actuator - rear gate.

Rear gate latch and actuator assembly

SECURITY AND LOCKS > Rear Gate Latch and Actuator AssemblyREMOVAL1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery. NOTE">2. Remove the trim panel - rear gate. Rear Gate Trim > REMOVAL" ...

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