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Lid ASSY - sunroof


Deflector ASSY - sunroof

Tightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)


Weather strip


Rail ASSY - sunroof


4.5 (0.46, 3.3)


Sunshade ASSY


Link - drain sunroof


6 (0.61, 4.4)


Drain tube - sunroof


Drain ASSY - sunroof


Motor ASSY - sunroof


Cable ASSY

Preparation tool
SUNROOF/T-TOP/CONVERTIBLE TOP (SUNROOF) > General DescriptionPREPARATION TOOL1. GENERAL TOOLTOOL NAMEREMARKSCircuit testerUsed for measuring resistance, voltage and current.Hexagon wrenchUsed for f ...

Glass lid

Other materials:

OCCUPANT DETECTION SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS) > Subaru Select MonitorINSPECTION1. COMMUNICATION FOR INITIALIZING THE AIRBAG SYSTEM IS IMPOSSIBLEDETECTING CONDITION:Defective harness connectorTROUBLE SYMPTOM:Communication is impossible between the airbag control module and the Subaru Select Monitor.NOTE ...

Viewing range on the screen
CAUTION The range that can be viewed with the rear view camera is limited. Always be sure to check with your eyes when moving backward and proceed slowly. Range of view Range of view Image from camera The area from the rear end of the bumper can be viewed. Areas at both ends ...

Switching power status
Operation indicator Push-button ignition switch The power status is switched every time the push-button ignition switch is pressed. 1. Carry the access key, and sit in the driver's seat. 2. Shift the select lever into the "P" position. 3. Press the push-button ignition switch ...

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