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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal



1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery. NOTE">

2. Lift up the vehicle.

3. Remove the clips and screws, and turn over the front side of the mud guard - front RH.

4. Remove the keyless buzzer.

(1) Disconnect the connector.

(2) Remove the clip and detach the keyless buzzer.

SECURITY AND LOCKS > Keyless BuzzerINSPECTIONUsing the Subaru Select Monitor, perform forced operation of the keyless buzzer. User Customizing > OPERATION">If the buzzer does not sound, ...

SECURITY AND LOCKS > Keyless BuzzerINSTALLATIONInstall each part in the reverse order of removal.CAUTION:Install so that the front end of the under cover (b) comes inside the bumper face - front (a ...

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