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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Protector tape Installation

Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual / Exterior body panels / Protector tape Installation



Apply the protector tape by the following steps.



Apply the protector tape by aligning it to the rounded edge.

1. Clean the area around applying position to remove any foreign objects on body.

2. Detach the backing paper from the temporary retention area (a) and apply the protector tape after positioning it correctly.

3. Detach the backing papers, and moisten the applying area and the backside of protector tape by spraying liquid (mild detergent solution at 3% concentration).

4. Apply the protector tape to the vehicle body.


Remove the water or air bubbles out of the protector tape by using the plastic or rubber spatula.

5. Detach the application tape and temporary retention tape.

6. Bend the tack-in end and apply it as shown by (1) in the figure.

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