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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Disassembly



1. Remove the outer race (DOJ) from the shaft assembly.


Be careful not to damage the boot.

(1) Using a flat tip screwdriver or pliers, loosen the boot band on the large end of boot (DOJ).


Be careful not to damage the boot.

(2) Remove the boot band on the small end of boot (DOJ) in the same manner.

(3) Remove the large end of boot (DOJ) from outer race (DOJ).

(4) Remove the round snap ring at the neck of outer race (DOJ) with a flat tip screwdriver.

(5) Remove the outer race (DOJ) from the shaft assembly.

(6) Wipe off the grease and take out the ball bearings.


The grease is a special grease (grease for constant velocity joints). Do not mix with other greases.


Disassemble the parts taking care not to lose balls.


Outer race (DOJ)



2. Remove the cage from the inner race.

(1) Turn the cage by a half pitch to the track groove of inner race and shift the cage.

(2) Using pliers, remove the snap ring fixing the inner race to the shaft.

(3) Take out the inner race.

(4) Remove the cage from the shaft and remove the boot (DOJ).


Wrap shaft splines with vinyl tape to protect the boot from scratches.

3. Remove the boot (BJ) or boot (EBJ) in the same procedure as the boot (DOJ).


Further disassembly of the drive shaft is impossible because the BJ and EBJ cannot be disassembled.

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