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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Compression Inspection

MECHANICAL(H4DO) > Compression



After warming-up, engine becomes very hot. Be careful not to burn yourself during measurement.

1. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

2. After warming-up the engine, turn the ignition switch to OFF.

3. Make sure that the battery is fully charged.

4. Check the starter motor for satisfactory performance and operation.

5. Remove the fuse of fuel pump from main fuse box.

6. Start the engine and run it until it stalls.

7. After the engine stalls, crank it for five more seconds.

8. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

9. Remove all spark plugs. Spark Plug > REMOVAL">

10. Install the compression gauge to the spark plug hole.


When using a screw-in type compression gauge, the screw should be less than 25 mm (0.98 in) long.

11. Connect the battery ground terminal. NOTE">

12. Turn the ignition switch to ON.

13. Depress the accelerator pedal to full throttle.

14. Crank the engine by starter motor and read the value when the needle of the compression gauge becomes stable.


Perform at least two measurements per cylinder, and make sure that the values are correct.

If the compression pressure is out of standard, check or adjust the pistons, valves and cylinders.

Compression pressure (at 200 — 300 r/min):


1,050 — 1,400 kPa (11 — 14 kg/cm2, 152 — 203 psi)

Difference between cylinders

100 kPa (1 kg/cm2, 14 psi) or less

15. After inspection, install the related parts in the reverse order of removal.

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