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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal

LIGHTING SYSTEM > Ignition Switch Illumination



The ignition switch illumination is integrated into the immobilizer antenna assembly.

1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery. NOTE">

2. Remove the cover assembly - column.

(1) Remove the screws by turning the steering wheel to right and left.

(2) Release the claw, and remove the cover assembly - column UPR and the cover assembly - column LWR.

3. Remove the ignition switch illumination.

(1) Disconnect the connector.

(2) Release the claw using a flat tip screwdriver or similar tool wrapped with a protection tape, and remove the ignition switch illumination.


Do not apply excessive force to remove the ignition switch illumination lock. Otherwise they may be broken because those parts are the products made of a plastic.

LIGHTING SYSTEM > Ignition Switch IlluminationINSPECTIONSTEPCHECKYESNO1.CHECK THE IGNITION SWITCH ILLUMINATION.Make sure the ignition switch illumination illuminates when driver’s side door i ...

LIGHTING SYSTEM > Ignition Switch IlluminationINSTALLATIONInstall each part in the reverse order of removal. ...

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