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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal




Refer to “Security and Locks” section for key cylinder replacement. Key Lock Cylinders > REPLACEMENT">

1. Remove the pocket assembly.

(1) Attach the protective tape (a) to the panel center LWR.

(2) Remove the damper COMPL - pocket.

(3) Release the stoppers and remove the pocket assembly by pulling it toward you.

2. Remove the back panel - pocket.

(1) Release the clips, and remove the under cover assembly - passenger.

(2) Remove the clips, and remove the cover - instrument panel side RH.


Remove the cover - instrument panel side RH by using a plastic remover.

(3) Release the clips, and remove the ornament - panel assembly passenger.


To facilitate the removal, push the clip of the ornament - panel assembly passenger from the backside.

(4) Remove the glove box light LED, and disconnect the connector.

(5) Remove the screws, claws and harness clamp, then remove the back panel - pocket.

EXTERIOR/INTERIOR TRIM > Glove BoxINSTALLATIONInstall each part in the reverse order of removal. ...

Instrument panel assembly

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