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ENGINE (DIAGNOSTICS)(H4DO) > General Description


The on-board diagnostic (OBD) system detects and indicates a fault in various inputs and outputs of the complex electronic control. Malfunction indicator light in the combination meter indicates occurrence of a fault or trouble.

Further, against any failure of sensors that would cause the vehicle to stop running, the fail-safe function is provided to ensure the minimal drivability.

The OBD system incorporated with the vehicles within this type of engine complies with OBD-II regulations. The OBD system monitors the components and the system malfunction listed in “Engine Section” which affects on emissions.

When the system decides that a malfunction occurs, malfunction indicator light illuminates. At the same time of the malfunction indicator light illumination or blinking, a DTC and a freeze frame engine conditions are stored into on-board computer.

The OBD system stores freeze frame engine condition data (engine load, engine coolant temperature, fuel trim, engine speed and vehicle speed, etc.) into on-board computer when it detects a malfunction.

Freeze frame engine condition data are stored until the DTCs are cleared. However when such malfunctions as fuel trim fault and misfire are detected with the freeze frame engine condition data stored, they are rewritten into those related to the fuel trim fault and misfire.

When the malfunction does not occur again for three consecutive driving cycles*, malfunction indicator light is turned off, but DTC remains at on-board computer.

*: One driving cycle means the period between the ignition switch ON and the ignition switch OFF after driving.

When performing diagnosis, connect the Subaru Select Monitor or general scan tool to the vehicle.

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Malfunction indicator light

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