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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Installation




The hood COMPL - front is heavy. When removing or installing the hinge COMPL - front hood, be sure to work in a group of two or more.

1. To install the insulator - front hood and the seal - front duct, follow the removal procedure in the reverse order.

2. Align the alignment marks (A), and install the striker - front hood to the hood COMPL - front.


When installing the striker - front hood, make sure that the front and rear sides are positioned in a correct direction.

Tightening torque:

33 N·m (3.36 kgf-m, 24.3 ft-lb)


Alignment mark


Front side of vehicle


It is not necessary to adjust the striker - front hood because there is no span of adjustable range.

3. Install the hinge COMPL - front hood to the vehicle body. (When the hinge COMPL - front hood is removed)

4. Temporarily install the hood COMPL - front to the hinge COMPL - front hood.


When installing the hood COMPL - front, make sure that a uniform clearance is created around it.

5. Adjust the clearance around the hood COMPL - front. Front Hood > ADJUSTMENT">

6. Tighten the bolts and nuts of the hinge COMPL - front hood.

Tightening torque:

25 N·m (2.55 kgf-m, 18.4 ft-lb)

7. Install each part of the hood COMPL - front in the reverse order of removal.

Insulator - front hood

Seal - front duct

EXTERIOR BODY PANELS > Front HoodREMOVAL1. FRONT HOOD PANELCAUTION:The hood COMPL - front is heavy. When removing or installing the hinge COMPL - front hood, be sure to work in a group of two or mo ...

Front sealing cover

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