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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Assembly



Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly.


Refer to component for tightening torque of each part. General Description > COMPONENT">

After assembling, manually turn the pulley to check that the rotor rotates smoothly.

1. Assembling the rear cover and rectifier

Remove old silicone grease on the mating surface of rear cover and rectifier and apply new silicone grease.


Do not apply silicone grease to the attachment threads of rectifier.

2. Push of the brush

Before assembling the front and rear parts, press the brush down into the brush holder, then fix the brush in that position by inserting a [1 mm (0.0394 in) dia., 40 — 50 mm (1.5748 — 1.9685 in) long] wire through the hole as shown in the figure.


After assembling, remove the wire.



3. Install the ball bearings.

(1) Set the ball bearings in the front cover, then securely install an appropriate tool (such as a socket wrench of proper size) to the bearing outer race.

(2) Using a press to press the ball bearings into the specified location.

(3) Install the bearing retainer.

4. Install the bearings.


Do not apply grease to the bearings. If there is any oil on the bearing box, remove it completely.

(1) Use a press to install the bearings to the rotor shaft.

(2) Heat the bearing box in rear cover at 50 to 60°C (122 to 140°F), and then press the bearing into rear cover.


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