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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal




1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery. NOTE">

2. Remove the light assembly - rear combination.


Be careful not to damage the clips.

(1) Release the bolts and clips, then pull out the light assembly - rear combination to the vehicle rear.

(2) Disconnect the connector and remove the light assembly - rear combination.

3. Remove the bumper face - rear.

(1) Remove the clips inside the wheel housing.

(2) Remove the clips at the lower side of the bumper face - rear.

(3) Detach (b) and (c) while pulling up (a) of the bumper face - rear.

(4) Detach (e) while pulling up (d) of the bumper face - rear.

(5) Detach the opposite side in the same manner.

(6) Detach in order from (f) to (h) while pulling up the center part of the bumper face - rear.


Do not pull forcibly. It may damage the flange section on the bumper face - rear side when it comes off from the claws of the bracket - rear bumper.

4. Remove the bolts and nuts, and remove the bumper beam COMPL - rear.


After all nuts are removed, raise the bumper beam COMPL - rear a little to remove it from vehicle body.

5. Remove bumper brackets.

(1) Remove the screws.

(2) Turn over the trim panel - rear apron, and detach the claw of the clip from the back side.

(3) Remove the clip, and remove the bracket - rear bumper lower.

6. From behind the bumper, release the claws, and remove the reflex reflector assembly.

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Rear gate garnish

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