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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal



1. Lift up the vehicle.

2. Remove the rear exhaust pipe. Rear Exhaust Pipe > REMOVAL">

3. Remove the propeller shaft. Propeller Shaft > REMOVAL">

4. Support the rear differential with the transmission jack.

5. Remove the self-locking nuts which hold the rear differential to the rear sub frame assembly.

6. Remove the rear differential member from the rear sub frame assembly and the rear differential.

7. Lower the transmission jack gradually until the rear differential is at the position shown in the figure.


When pulling out the stud bolt from the bushing portion of the rear sub frame assembly, adjust the angle and location of transmission jack and jack stand.

Do not lower the rear differential excessively. Doing so may add extra load to the drive shaft or cause the falling-off of the drive shaft.

8. Disconnect the drain tube (A), vent tube (B) and purge tube (C) from the canister.


Disconnect the quick connector as shown in the figure.


Drain tube and vent tube


Purge tube

9. Remove the bolts and nuts securing the canister to the vehicle, and remove the canister.

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