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For procedure of each component in the air conditioning system, refer to the respective section.

Blower motor unit assembly: Blower Motor Unit Assembly">

Blower motor: Blower Motor">

Power transistor (auto A/C model): Power Transistor (Auto A/C Model)">

Blower resistor (manual A/C model): Blower Resistor (Manual A/C Model)">

Control panel: Control Panel">

Compressor: Compressor">

Condenser: Condenser">

Heater and cooling unit: Heater and Cooling Unit">

Evaporator: Evaporator">

Expansion valve: Expansion Valve">

Hose & pipe: Hose and Pipe">

Ambient sensor: Ambient Sensor">

Sunload sensor (auto A/C model): Sunload Sensor (Auto A/C Model)">

In-vehicle sensor (auto A/C model): In-Vehicle Sensor (Auto A/C Model)">

Evaporator sensor: Evaporator Sensor">

Intake door actuator: FRESH/RECIRC Door Actuator">

Mode door actuator: Mode Door Actuator">

Air mix door actuator: Air Mix Door Actuator">

HVAC SYSTEM (HEATER, VENTILATOR AND A/C) > Air Conditioning SystemINSPECTIONRefer to “Basic Diagnostic Procedure” for “HVAC SYSTEM (AUTO A/C) (DIAGNOSTICS)” section. Basic ...

Air mix door actuator

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