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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Disassembly

MECHANICAL(H4DO) > Chain Cover


1. Remove the oil filler cap.

2. Remove the engine oil filter and the oil pump union. Engine Oil Filter > REMOVAL">

3. Remove the oil pressure switch. Oil Pressure Switch > REMOVAL">

4. Remove the engine oil temperature sensor. Engine Oil Temperature Sensor > REMOVAL">

5. Remove the oil control solenoid. Oil Control Solenoid > REMOVAL">

6. Remove the camshaft position sensor. Camshaft Position Sensor > REMOVAL">

MECHANICAL(H4DO) > Chain CoverREMOVALNOTE:When replacing a single part, perform the work with the engine assembly installed to body.1. When working on the vehicleNOTE:When working on the vehicle, p ...

MECHANICAL(H4DO) > Chain CoverINSPECTIONCheck that the chain cover does not have deformation, cracks and any other damage. ...

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