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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal




Before handling the airbag system components, refer to “CAUTION” of “General Description” in “AIRBAG SYSTEM”. General Description > CAUTION">

1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery and wait for at least 60 seconds before starting work. NOTE">

2. Remove the cover assembly - instrument panel LWR driver and the knee airbag module. Knee Airbag Module > REMOVAL">

3. Remove the glove box. Glove Box > REMOVAL">

4. Remove the center grille assembly. Air Vent Grille > REMOVAL">

5. Remove the audio assembly.

(1) On manual A/C models, disconnect the control cables from both sides of the heater & cooling unit.

(2) Attach the protective tape (a) to the cover - shift lever.

(3) Remove the bolts, release the claws, and partially pull out the audio assembly.


Release the claw by using a clip remover wrapped with protective tape.

If the antenna cable interferes with the removal operation of the side attachment bolts (for model with telematics), move the antenna cable aside before service as necessary.

(4) Disconnect the connectors, and remove the audio assembly.

6. Remove the screws, and then remove the audio bracket.


The model with telematics is equipped with the data communication module under the audio assembly.

When sending the audio for repair, remove the audio bracket and heater control assembly, and install on the vehicle as shown in the figure below. Control Panel > REMOVAL">

ENTERTAINMENT > AudioINSTALLATIONCAUTION:• After installing the center grille assembly, check that the air vent grille of the center grille assembly is inserted correctly into the air vent du ...

Audio system

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If your vehicle is involved in an accident
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