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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Installation




If lubricant is spilt over the exhaust pipe, wipe it off with cloth to avoid emission of smoke or causing a fire.

1. Before installing front oxygen (A/F) sensor, apply anti-seize compound only to the threaded portion of front oxygen (A/F) sensor to make the next removal easier.


Never apply anti-seize compound to the protector of front oxygen (A/F) sensor.

Anti-seize compound:

NEVER-SEEZ NSN, JET LUBE SS-30 or equivalent

2. Install the front oxygen (A/F) sensor.

Tightening torque:

21 N·m (2.1 kgf-m, 15.5 ft-lb)

3. Lift up the vehicle.

4. Connect the front oxygen (A/F) sensor connector, and secure the front oxygen (A/F) sensor harness by using the clip.


Front oxygen (A/F) sensor connector


Rear oxygen sensor connector



5. Install the under cover. Front Under Cover > INSTALLATION">

6. Lower the vehicle.

7. Install the radiator sub fan and fan motor assembly. Radiator Sub Fan and Fan Motor > INSTALLATION">

8. Connect the battery ground terminal.

FUEL INJECTION (FUEL SYSTEMS)(H4DO) > Front Oxygen (A/F) SensorREMOVAL1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery.2. Remove the radiator sub fan and fan motor assembly. Radiator Sub Fan and Fan Mo ...

Fuel delivery and evaporation lines

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