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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Inspection




Inspection steps

Water leakage

(1) Check the roof panel and the lid assembly - sunroof for improper or poor sealing.

(2) Check the drain tube - sunroof for clogging.

(3) Check the joints of the rail assembly - sunroof for improper sealing and for proper installation to the body.

Booming noise, wind noise and other noise

(1) Check the lid assembly - sunroof and the roof panel for improper clearance.

(2) Check the sunshade assembly and the trim panel - roof assembly for improper clearance.

Abnormal motor noise

(1) Check installing part of motor for looseness.

(2) Check gears and bearings for wear.

(3) Check cable assembly for wear.

(4) Check cable pipe for deformities.

Failure of sunroof

(Motor operates properly.)

(1) Check guide rail for foreign particles.

(2) Check guide rail for improper installation.

(3) Check parts for mutual interference.

(4) Check cable slider for improper clinching.

(5) Check cable assembly for improper installation.

Motor does not rotate or rotate improperly.

(1) Check fuse for blown out.

(2) Check switch for improper function.

(3) Check motor assembly for incorrect terminal voltage.

(4) Check the relay for improper operation.

(5) Check harness for open or short and terminals for poor connections.

Incorrect reverse operation of the lid assembly - sunroof

Check guide rail for foreign particles.

Incorrect reverse operation of the lid assembly - sunroof while driving on rough road

The lid assembly - sunroof has auto-reverse function. When the lid assembly - sunroof is pushed in the opening direction with a force of 100 N (10.2 kgf, 22.5 lbf) or less, the glass lid moves in reverse and then stops.

Therefore, if you operate (open or close) the lid assembly - sunroof while driving on rough road, the vibration may be judged as a force and the lid may incorrectly move in the reverse direction.

When the incorrect reverse operation is occurred repeatedly, perform inspection around the sunroof frame. If there are no problems, perform the initialization operation with following procedure.

Sunroof control system

Wiring diagram
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