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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal




Be careful not to damage the body.

1. Remove the roof rail assembly. (model with roof rail) Roof Rail > REMOVAL">

2. Turn over the front end of the molding - roof.

3. Slide the inner fastener in the direction of the arrow using a flat tip screwdriver, then remove the fastener from the stud on the vehicle side.

Right side: Slide towards the front of the vehicle.

Left side: Slide towards the rear of the vehicle.

Model without roof rail: 8 locations per side

Model with roof rail: 5 locations per side

4. Pull up the molding - roof, and remove from the vehicle.

EXTERIOR/INTERIOR TRIM > Roof MoldingINSTALLATION1. Remove the clips from the molding - roof, and attach to the studs on the vehicle.CAUTION:• Always replace the clips that were damaged durin ...

Roof rail

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