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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Installation



1. Remove the clips from the molding - roof, and attach to the studs on the vehicle.


Always replace the clips that were damaged during removal of the molding - roof with new parts.

While installing the molding - roof, be careful not to catch the glass molding with the tip of the front side and rear side.

2. Push the front end of the molding - roof against the front window, and attach the forward positioning clip onto the rivet on the body.




Positioning clip


Molding - roof





3. While pushing down the molding - roof from above, connect the molding - roof and the clip.

Roof molding

EXTERIOR/INTERIOR TRIM > Roof MoldingREMOVALCAUTION:Be careful not to damage the body.1. Remove the roof rail assembly. (model with roof rail) Roof Rail > REMOVAL">2. Turn over the fron ...

Other materials:

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Clear memory mode Operation
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Electrical specification
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