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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Note

LIGHTING SYSTEM > Clearance Light and Illumination Light System


For operation procedures of each component of the clearance light & illumination light system, refer to the respective sections.

Combination switch (light): Combination Switch (Light)">

Parking light bulb: Clearance/Parking Light Bulb">

Front side marker light bulb: Front Side Marker Light Bulb">

Rear combination light assembly: Rear Combination Light Assembly">

Tail light/stop light bulb: Tail/Stop Light Bulb">

Rear side marker light bulb: Rear Side Marker Light Bulb">

License plate light: License Plate Light">

Ignition switch illumination: Ignition Switch Illumination">

Wiring diagram
LIGHTING SYSTEM > Clearance Light and Illumination Light SystemWIRING DIAGRAMRefer to “Clearance Light and Illumination Light System” in the wiring diagram. Clearance Light and Illumin ...

Clearance/parking light bulb

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