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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Disassembly

DIFFERENTIALS > Rear Differential (VA-type)


To detect the real cause of trouble, inspect the following items before disassembling.

Tooth contact and backlash between hypoid driven gear and drive pinion

1. Set the ST on vise and install the differential assembly to ST.


2. Remove the drain plug and filler plug.

3. Remove the rear cover by removing retaining bolts.


Remove it by tapping with a plastic hammer.

4. Remove the stud bolts from rear cover if necessary.

5. Remove the air breather cap.


Do not attempt to remove the air breather cap unless necessary.

Whenever the air breather cap is removed, replace it with a new part.


Air breather cap


Rear cover

6. Remove the lock plate RH and LH.

7. Remove the side retainer RH and LH with ST.


When keeping the retainers aside, use labels etc. to avoid confusing the left and right.


8. Pull out the differential case assembly from differential carrier.


Be careful not to hit the teeth of hypoid driven gear against the differential carrier.

9. Remove the bearing race from side retainer RH and LH with ST1 and ST2.

ST1 499705401PULLER ASSY
ST2 499705404SEAT


Bearing race


Side retainer

10. Remove the oil seal from RH and LH side retainers.


Perform this operation only when changing oil seal.

11. Remove the O-rings.

12. Remove the side bearing cone with ST1 and ST2.


Do not attempt to disassemble the parts unless necessary.

Set the puller so that its claws catch the edge of the side bearing cone.

Store so that the right and left side bearing races and cones are not mixed together.

ST1 899524100PULLER SET
ST2 399520105SEAT

13. Using the ST, loosen the hypoid driven gear bolt and remove the hypoid driven gear.

ST 18270KA020SOCKET (E20)

14. Remove the spring pin from hypoid driven gear side using ST.


15. Draw out the pinion mate shaft and remove pinion mate gears, side gears and side gear thrust washers.


The gears and washers should be marked with RH or LH, front or rear, or kept separately.


Side gear


Pinion mate gear


Side gear thrust washer


Differential case


Pinion mate shaft

16. Remove the self-locking nut while securing the companion flange with ST.


17. Extract the companion flange with a puller.


Companion flange



18. Press the end of drive pinion shaft using ST and remove the rear bearing cone, pinion height adjusting washer, preload adjusting spacer and washer.


Hold the drive pinion so as not to drop it.

ST 398467700DRIFT

19. Remove the rear bearing cone from drive pinion by supporting the bearing cone with ST.


Place the remover so that its center-recessed side faces the bearing cone.

ST 498515500REMOVER

20. Remove the front oil seal from differential carrier using ST.



Differential carrier


Front oil seal

21. Remove the pilot bearing together with the front bearing cone and spacer using the ST.

ST 398467700DRIFT


Pilot bearing




Front bearing


Rear bearing race

22. When replacing the bearings, tap out the front bearing race and rear bearing race in this order using a brass bar to remove them.


2 cutout portions along diagonal lines


Tap alternately with brass bar.

DIFFERENTIALS > Rear Differential (VA-type)ASSEMBLYNOTE:• Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly.• Check and adjust each part during assembly.• Keep the shims and washers in ...

DIFFERENTIALS > Rear Differential (VA-type)INSPECTIONWash all the disassembled parts clean, and examine them for wear, damage or other defects. Repair or replace the defective parts as necessary.1. ...

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