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Lid ASSY - sunroof


Deflector ASSY - sunroof

Tightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)


Weather strip


Rail ASSY - sunroof


4.5 (0.46, 3.3)


Sunshade ASSY


Link - drain sunroof


6 (0.61, 4.4)


Drain tube - sunroof


Drain ASSY - sunroof


Motor ASSY - sunroof


Cable ASSY

Preparation tool
SUNROOF/T-TOP/CONVERTIBLE TOP (SUNROOF) > General DescriptionPREPARATION TOOL1. GENERAL TOOLTOOL NAMEREMARKSCircuit testerUsed for measuring resistance, voltage and current.Hexagon wrenchUsed for f ...

Glass lid

Other materials:

System block diagram
Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert (DIAGNOSTICS) > Control Module I/O SignalSYSTEM BLOCK DIAGRAM• Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert system consists of the following.• There is a control ECM in the radar sensor main body, which performs the vehicle identification ...

Dtc c0041 ecm
VEHICLE DYNAMICS CONTROL (VDC) (DIAGNOSTICS) > Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)DTC C0041 ECMDTC detecting condition:Defective VDCCM&H/UTrouble symptom:• ABS does not operate.• EBD does not operate.• VDC does not operate.• EyeSight does not operat ...

WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEMS > Front Wiper ArmADJUSTMENT1. Operate the windshield wiper once.2. Check that the wiper blade is aligned with the point mark.3. Make sure that there is a gap of 1 mm (0.04 in) or more between the hose and the cover ­ joint and between the hose and the joint ­ wash ...

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