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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Specification

FRONT SUSPENSION > General Description


Tire size




Wheel arch height

452 (17.8)

(Tolerance: +12 mm −24 mm (+0.47 in −0.94 in))

mm (in)

Camber (tolerance: ±0°45' Differences between RH and LH: 45' or less)


Caster (referential value)


Steering angle (tolerance: ±1.5°)

Inner wheel


Outer wheel



mm (in)

0±3 (0±0.12) Toe angle (sum of both wheels): 0°±0°10'

Kingpin angle (referential value)



Wheel arch height

450 (17.72)

(Tolerance: +12 mm −24 mm (+0.47 in −0.94 in))

mm (in)

Camber (tolerance: +0°45' −0°52' (Differences between RH and LH: 45' or less))



mm (in)

0±3 (0±0.12) Toe angle (sum of both wheels): 0°00'±10'

Thrust angle (tolerance: 0°00'±30')



Adjust with the value less than the inspection value, taking aging variation into consideration.

Front toe-in, rear toe-in and front camber can be adjusted. Adjust if the value of toe-in or camber exceeds the tolerance range of the specification chart.

Other items except for front toe-in, rear toe-in and front camber that are described in the specification chart cannot be adjusted. If other items exceed the tolerance range of the specification chart, check the suspension parts and connections for deformation. If defective, replace with new parts.

A − B = Positive: Toe-in, Negative: Toe-out

α = Individual toe angles

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