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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal

LIGHTING SYSTEM > Headlight Assembly



Do not perform work with wet hands, because there is a possibility of electrical shock.

The HID type uses very high voltages for the lighting circuit. Make sure that the power supply is turned OFF before working.

1. Disconnect the ground cable from battery. NOTE">

2. Remove the air intake duct. (When removing RH side) Air Intake Duct > REMOVAL">

3. Remove the clip, and remove the bracket - grille.


To prevent damage to the bracket - grille, make sure to remove all clips.

4. Remove the bumper face - front. Front Bumper > REMOVAL">

5. Remove the bolts and clips, and remove the bracket - front bumper corner.

6. Remove the light assembly - head.

(1) Disconnect the connector.

(2) Remove the bolts and clips, and remove the light assembly - head.

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LIGHTING SYSTEM > Headlight AssemblyASSEMBLY1. HID HEADLIGHT BALLASTCAUTION:• When installing the ballast - headlight, be sure to install the gasket.• After installing the ballast to th ...

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