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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal




1. Perform compressor oil return operation. Compressor Oil > PROCEDURE">

2. Turn the A/C switch to OFF, and turn the ignition switch to OFF.

3. Using the refrigerant recovery system, discharge refrigerant. Refrigerant Recovery Procedure > PROCEDURE">

4. Disconnect the ground cable from battery.

5. Remove the V-belts. V-belt > REMOVAL">

6. Remove the harness clips and bolts and remove the V-belt cover bracket.

7. Remove the bolt, and detach the hose - pressure suction and the hose - pressure discharge.


Seal the disconnected hose and engaging part of compressor with a plug or vinyl tape to prevent foreign matter from entering.

8. Remove the compressor assembly.

(1) Disconnect the connector.

(2) Remove the bolts and remove the compressor assembly.


Tighten the engine hanger together with the compressor assembly.

HVAC SYSTEM (HEATER, VENTILATOR AND A/C) > CompressorINSPECTION1. MAGNET CLUTCH CLEARANCE INSPECTION1. Check the clearance of entire circumference around the drive plate and pulley.Specification:0. ...

HVAC SYSTEM (HEATER, VENTILATOR AND A/C) > CompressorINSTALLATIONCAUTION:• Replace the O-rings on the hose - pressure suction and discharge with new parts, and then apply compressor oil.&bull ...

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