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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Removal



1. Open the front hood.

2. Remove the arm assembly - windshield wiper. Front Wiper Arm > REMOVAL">

3. Remove the cowl panel - side.

(1) Remove the clips.

(2) Release the claws, and then remove the cowl panel - side.


Pulling with excessive force may damage the cowl panel - side. If it is difficult to remove, use a plastic remover or equivalent tool.

4. Remove the cowl panel assembly.


Before removing the cowl panel, use an air blower and nylon brush to sweep gravel from the lower area of the front side of the glass.

(1) Disconnect the washer hose.

(2) Remove clips (A).

(3) Check the direction of the clip (B), and push the claws from both sides to remove it.


When removing the clip (B), push the claws of the clip first.

Be careful not to apply excessive force when pulling the clip (B), as the clip may become damaged.

(4) Remove the cowl panel assembly by pulling it out towards the front of the vehicle.

5. Remove the washer nozzle and the washer hose as required. Front Washer Nozzle and Hose > REMOVAL">

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