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During initialization, perform the position learning and the sliding learning. Sliding learning mode can not be initiated unless the position learning is performed.


When initialize operation is performed, it is necessary to press the switch repeatedly as it operates for only at the moment when the switch is pressed, even when the switch is held down.

Position learning

1. Position the lid assembly - sunroof at the full open position, and press and hold the tilt up switch for ten seconds.

2. The motion of the glass lid shifts to inching operation until it reaches the full close position. After that, it returns to the full open position and then stops.

3. Release the tilt up switch to finish the position learning.

Sliding learning

4. Within six seconds after the position learning is finished, press and hold the tilt up switch again.

5. The lid assembly - sunroof moves to the full close position, full open position, and the full close position successively, and stops at the full close position.

6. Release the tilt up switch and turn the ignition switch to OFF to finish the initializing.

SUNROOF/T-TOP/CONVERTIBLE TOP (SUNROOF) > Sunroof Control SystemNOTEFor operation procedures of each component of the sunroof control system, refer to the respective section.• Glass lid: Gla ...

Sunroof motor

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