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WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEMS > Wiper and Washer System


For procedure of each component of the wiper and washer system, refer to the respective sections.

Combination switch (wiper): Combination Switch (Wiper)">

Wiper blade: Wiper Blade">

Front wiper arm: Front Wiper Arm">

Front wiper motor and link: Front Wiper Motor and Link">

Rear wiper arm: Rear Wiper Arm">

Rear wiper motor: Rear Wiper Motor">

Washer tank and motor: Washer Tank and Motor">

Front washer nozzle and hose: Front Washer Nozzle and Hose">

Rear washer nozzle: Rear Washer">

Wiring diagram
WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEMS > Wiper and Washer SystemWIRING DIAGRAM1. WIPER AND WASHER (FRONT)Refer to “Front Wiper and Washer System” in the wiring diagram. Front Wiper and Washer System ...

Wiper blade

Other materials:

Head restraint adjustment
Both the rear window side seats and the rear center seat are equipped with head restraints. WARNING Never drive the vehicle with the head restraints removed because they are designed to reduce the risk of serious neck injury in the event that the vehicle is struck from the rear. The ...

ENTERTAINMENT > Switches and HarnessINSPECTION1. SATELLITE SWITCH ASSEMBLY1. Measure the resistance between connector terminals.Preparation tool:Circuit testerTerminal No.Inspection conditionsStandard6 — 2VOL (+)VOL (−)SEEK (›)SEEK (‹)LISTRETURNA circuit is all OFF.Approx. 1 ...

Electrical specification
CONTROL SYSTEMS > AT Shift Lock Control SystemELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION• Model without push button ignition switchItemConnector No.Terminal No.Input/Output signalMeasured value and measuring conditionsBattery power supplyB28169 — 16 V7i846Ignition power supplyB2803210 — 15 V when ignitio ...

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