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GLASS/WINDOWS/MIRRORS > Remote Control Mirror System


For procedure of each component in the remote control mirror system, refer to the respective section.

Outer mirror assembly: Outer Mirror Assembly">

Remote control mirror switch: Remote Control Mirror Switch">

Wiring diagram
GLASS/WINDOWS/MIRRORS > Remote Control Mirror SystemWIRING DIAGRAMRefer to “Remote Control Mirror System” in the wiring diagram. Remote Control Mirror System > WIRING DIAGRAM"& ...

Windshield glass

Other materials:

Journey time
The journey time shows the time that has elapsed since the ignition switch was turned to the "ON" position. The journey time indication flashes each time a complete hour has elapsed. If the display is giving a reading other than the journey time, the display switches to the journey ti ...

POWER ASSISTED SYSTEM (POWER STEERING) > General DescriptionCOMPONENT1. STEERING WHEEL AND COLUMN(1)Bushing(7)Cover - steering wheel LWR(13)Airbag module(2)Column ASSY - steering(8)MID switch (3)Switch ASSY - combination(9)Paddle shiftTightening torque: N·m (kgf-m, ft-lb)(4)Cover ASSY - c ...

SPECIFICATIONS > CrosstrekELECTRICALModel2.0 L DOHC non-turboIgnition timing (at idling)BTDCMT: 12°±10°CVT: 16°±10°Spark plugType and manufacturerNGK: SILZKAR7B11Generator12 V — 130 ABatteryType55D23L75D23LNominal capacity5 HR: 40 Ah [25° ...

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