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Trip Count


Time Count [msec]

Belt Buckle Switch RH


“Belted” when passenger’s seat belt is fastened

“Unbelted” when passenger’s seat belt is not fastened

Passenger Occupant Status

Occupied/Empty or CRS

“Occupied” when the occupant is present

“Empty or CRS” when the seat is unoccupied or when child restraint seat is installed


When checking the operating status, be careful of the followings.

When the seat is unoccupied: Do not place anything on the seat.

Child restraint seat: Install the seat according to its instruction manual.

When the seat is occupied: Someone who weighs at least approx. 70 kg (155 lb) must be seated during the check.

Passenger Airbag Status


“ON” when the passenger occupant status is “Occupied”

“OFF” when the status is “Empty or CRS”

Read current data

AIRBAG SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS) > Read Current DataOPERATIONCheck the operating condition of each sensor in the event of malfunction in the seat belt buckle switch, or when the seat belt buckle switch ...

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