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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Installation




Do not reuse the garnish assembly. Deformation occurs on the garnish assembly when once removed, and this may cause improper adhesion.

1. Install each part in the reverse order of removal.

2. Install the garnish assembly - fender and the garnish assembly - rear quarter.

(1) Remove the double-sided tape remaining on the vehicle body, then clean the adhesive surface.


If even a slight amount of double-sided tape remains on the adhesive surface, it may lead to improper adhesion.

(2) Heat the vehicle body and the garnish for 1 — 3 minutes using a heat light or a drier.


Be careful not to burn yourself.

(3) Apply primer to the installation surfaces of garnish, and wait till the primer dries.

(4) Attach new double-sided tape on garnish.

(5) Peel off the backing papers, engage the clips, and adhere the garnish assembly to the vehicle body.


Press-fit the garnish assembly to adhere securely.

Side garnish

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