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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Inspection



1. Check and clean the rubber assembly - wiper.


Do not use organic solvent-based cleaner when cleaning rubber parts in order to avoid rubber part deterioration.

Clean rubber parts using a soft cloth or paper towel dampened with windshield washer fluid or mild synthetic detergent.

Replace the rubber assembly - wiper if rubber part hardening, deformation or damage is found.

2. Operate the washer system to check if a chattering sound or insufficient wiping occurs.

3. If a chattering sound or insufficient wiping occurs, perform the following procedures.

(1) Make sure that the blade assembly - wiper is not deformed and the movable part moves smoothly.

(2) Remove oil film and dirt from the glass.


When powder-type glass cleaner is used, use after having been dissolved in water sufficiently. If it is used in less water, the glass surface may be damaged.

Clean the glass surface using a soft cloth or sponge with glass cleaner.

(3) Operate the windshield wiper again. If a chattering sound or insufficient wiping occurs, perform the procedures again.

4. If defective is not improved after performing step 1) to step 3), replace the rubber assembly - wiper with a new part.

WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEMS > Wiper BladeDISASSEMBLY1. FRONTPull the side (a) of the wiper rubber stopper, and remove the rubber assembly - windshield wiper from the blade assembly - windshield wiper. ...

WIPER AND WASHER SYSTEMS > Wiper BladeINSTALLATION1. Install each part in the reverse order of removal.2. Confirm that the clip is locked securely. ...

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