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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Inspection

GLASS/WINDOWS/MIRRORS > Remote Control Mirror System




Inspection order

All function does not operate.

(1) Check the fuse.

(2) Check the remote control mirror switch.

(3) Check the wiring harness.

One side of the mirror motor does not operate.

(1) Check the remote control mirror switch.

(2) Check the mirror motor.

(3) Check the wiring harness.

Mirror heater does not operate.

(1) Check the rear defogger switch.

(2) Check the rear defogger relay.

(3) Check the mirror heater.

(4) Check the wiring harness.

(5) Check body integrated unit.


The mirror heater operates with the rear window defogger at the same time. Refer to “INSPECTION” of “Rear Window Defogger System” for details. Rear Window Defogger System > INSPECTION">

Remote control mirror system

Wiring diagram
GLASS/WINDOWS/MIRRORS > Remote Control Mirror SystemWIRING DIAGRAMRefer to “Remote Control Mirror System” in the wiring diagram. Remote Control Mirror System > WIRING DIAGRAM"& ...

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