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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Inspection

FUEL INJECTION (FUEL SYSTEMS)(H4DO) > Engine Oil Temperature Sensor


1. Check that the engine oil temperature sensor has no deformation, cracks or other damages.

2. Immerse the engine oil temperature sensor and a thermometer in water.


Take care not to allow water to get into the engine oil temperature sensor connector. Completely remove any water inside.




Engine oil temperature sensor


Hexagonal part height: To approx.1/3

3. Raise water temperature gradually, measure the resistance between the engine oil temperature sensor terminals when the temperature is 20°C (68°F) and 80°C (176°F).


Agitate the water for even temperature distribution.

Water temperature

Terminal No.


20°C (68°F)

1 and 2

Approx. 2.45±0.2 k?

80°C (176°F)

Approx. 0.318±0.013 k?

Engine oil temperature sensor

FUEL INJECTION (FUEL SYSTEMS)(H4DO) > Engine Oil Temperature SensorREMOVALCAUTION:If the engine oil is spilt over exhaust pipe or the under cover, wipe it off with cloth to avoid emission of smoke ...

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