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Subaru Crosstrek Owners Manual: Information bar

Information bar

  1. Information bar
  2. Outside temperature indicator
  3. Top display
  4. Clock

While the ignition switch is in the "ACC" or "ON" position, the outside temperature indicator, clock, etc. will be shown on the information bar.

Outside temperature indicator

This displays the outside temperature between −408F (−408C) and 1228F (508C).

Icy road surface warning screen
Icy road surface warning screen

When the outside temperature becomes 378F (38C) or less, the icy road surface warning screen interrupts to inform the driver that the road surface may be frozen.


Top display

One of the following items can be displayed on the top display.

For details about the setting of the top display, refer to "Top display setting" 3- 65.


The driving range on the remaining fuel is calculated using the average fuel consumption of the last 19 miles (30 km) driven. This value may be different from the values calculated using the average fuel consumption corresponding to the driving distance of each trip meter or the current fuel consumption.


The clock can be displayed in either 12- hour display or 24-hour display. For details about the setting, refer to "Current date and time setting"


If the vehicle battery is disconnected, the clock shown in the information bar will be reset. Set the time again after the vehicle battery is connected. For details about the setting, refer to "Top display setting"

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