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Subaru Crosstrek Owners Manual: Error messages

Mode Message Explanation
CD "Disc read error."
  • This indicates that no MP3/WMA/AAC files are included in the disc.

  • This indicates that the disc is dirty, damaged, or it was inserted upside down. Clean the disc or insert it correctly. It indicates a disc which is not playable is inserted.

"Please eject disc." There is a trouble inside the system.

Eject the disc.

USB "Media not connected. Press AUDIO/TUNE knob to exit." This indicates a problem in the USB memory or its connection. Refer to "Connecting and disconnecting a USB memory/portable device"
"No audio file." This indicates that no MP3/WMA/AAC files are included in the USB memory.
"Unplayable file" This indicates that the accessed file cannot play back.
iPod "Media not connected" This indicates that a USB device/iPod is not connected to the system.
"No audio file" This indicates that there is no audio file in the connected iPod.
"Unplayable file" This indicates that the accessed file cannot play back.


If the malfunction is not rectified: Take your vehicle to your SUBARU dealer.

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Basic information before use
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