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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Drain filter Specification



The leak check valve assembly is a non-disassembled part. Do not remove the drain filter from the leak check valve assembly. Refer to “Leak Check Valve Assembly” for removal and installation procedures. Leak Check Valve Assembly > REMOVAL"> Leak Check Valve Assembly > INSTALLATION">

EMISSION CONTROL (AUX. EMISSION CONTROL DEVICES)(H4DO) > Rear Catalytic ConverterINSTALLATIONThe rear catalytic converter is integrated into the center exhaust pipe; therefore, refer to “Cent ...

Engine (diagnostics)(h4do)

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The tachometer shows the engine speed in thousands of revolutions per minute. CAUTION Do not operate the engine with the pointer of the tachometer in the red zone. In this range, fuel injection will be cut by the engine control module to protect the engine from overrevving. The engine will ...

Instrument panel
Illumination brightness control Vehicle Dynamics Control OFF switch Combination meter Information display (page 3-32)/Multi function display Hazard warning flasher switch (models with multi function display) Hazard warning flasher switch (models without multi function display) ...

Engine exhaust gas (carbon monoxide)
WARNING Never inhale engine exhaust gas. Engine exhaust gas contains carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas which is dangerous, or even lethal, if inhaled. Always properly maintain the engine exhaust system to prevent engine exhaust gas from entering the vehicle. Never ...

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