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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: Check list for interview Check



Inspect the following items regarding the vehicle’s state.

Keyless Access with Push Button Start System Trouble Check List for Interview Received Year Month Date

Customer’s name

Registration No.

Initial year of registration

Year Month Date

Vehicle model

Frame number



Engine type

Odometer reading

Customer specified content

Date and time when the trouble occurred

Frequency of trouble occurrence

Condition of trouble occurrence


Road conditions

Occurrence location

Accessory installation condition

Trouble condition

Diagnostic code

( )

Immobilizer system

Engine does not start

Starter does not operate

Starter operates but engine does not start

Engine starts but stops immediately

Does not start with remote engine starter

Steering lock system

The steering lock is not released

The steering lock does not lock

Keyless access system

Can not lock/unlock using the touch sensor (lock), touch sensor (unlock), trunk opener button or rear gate opener button and rear lock button

Cannot lock with the touch sensor (lock)

Cannot unlock with the touch sensor (unlock)

Cannot lock nor unlock with the touch sensor (lock), touch sensor (unlock)

Trunk does not open with the trunk opener button.

Rear gate can not be locked with the rear lock button

Driver’s side door

Passenger’s side door

Rear gate door

Cannot unlock with the rear gate opener button

The access key lockout prevention feature does not function

Passenger room

Luggage room

The LED does not illuminate when the access key button is pressed

The external buzzer does not beep

The passenger room buzzer does not sound


The room light or map light does not illuminate

( )


Perform the diagnostics according to the basic diagnostic procedure.

If the room light or map light does not illuminate and the keyless access does not function at the same time, the back-up fuse may be loose or blown.

Basic diagnostic procedure Procedure
KEYLESS ACCESS WITH PUSH BUTTON START SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS) > Basic Diagnostic ProcedurePROCEDURECAUTION:• Subaru Select Monitor kit is required for reading DTC, performing diagnosis and readi ...

Clear memory mode Operation
KEYLESS ACCESS WITH PUSH BUTTON START SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS) > Clear Memory ModeOPERATION1. On «Start» display, select «Diagnosis».2. On «Vehicle selection» display, input the target vehicle in ...

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