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Subaru Crosstrek Service Manual: 16

CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS) > Diagnostic Procedure with Cancel Code


Detected when ignition switch is turned to OFF or malfunction related to the ignition switch occurs.


Cruise control cannot be set.


Cruise control system Cruise Control System > WIRING DIAGRAM">



1) Turn the ignition switch to OFF.

2) Disconnect the ECM harness connector.

3) Turn the ignition switch to ON.

4) Measure the voltage between harness connector terminal and chassis ground.

Connector & terminal

(B137) No. 27 (+) — Chassis ground (−):

Is the voltage 10 V or more?

Check for poor contact of ECM connector.

Check fuse No. 12 (in fuse & relay box).

Check the harness for open or short circuit between ignition switch and ECM.

CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM (DIAGNOSTICS) > Diagnostic Procedure with Cancel Code15Detected when CANCEL switch is pressed or malfunction related to CRUISE switch occurs.TROUBLE SYMPTOM:• Cruise con ...

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